Role: Composition and sound design

Jelena Viskovic / Volumes: New Babylon

A young person coming to terms with a feeble reality, attempts to understand worldbuilding by venturing on a journey through New Babylon, a dreamscape based on Constant Niewenhuys’ situationist heterotopia. Caught between conflicting voices interpreting this megastructure, she tries to understand it in terms of shared space, myth and embodiment.

By making use of digital worldbuilding and prototyping tools “Volumes: New Babylon” revisits the ideas informing Constant’s avant-garde body of work in the context of metaverses, worldbuilding platforms and web 3.0. in order to engage with (digital) infrastructure as a moldable space. Moreover, it reinterprets 60s and 70s avantgarde aesthetics and philosophy from a feminist, migrant and situated perspective that incorporates ecosystems into Constant’s idea of creative-subjects as players/citizens and rethinks it in relation to non-human environments and actors that are usually left out of modernist worldbuilding projects and urbanist utopias.

Credits, collaborators and supports:

Concept, visuals and installation: Jelena Viskovic

Composition and sound design: Tamás Marquetant

Production: Zavod Projekt Atol

Curator: Tjaša Pogačar

Development of the project has been possible with the support of the City of Ljubljana and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

*Special thanks: Jaka Meden and MUGADA (event design and equipment rental) ALLCOMB (LED screen department).


Year: 2022

Past events and performances

Volumes: New Babylon

Hybrid audio visual physical exhibition installation. Exhibited between 15 – 22 June 2022.

Projekt Atol Institute / Osmo/za in Ljubjana, Slovenia

Jun 2022

Photos by: Projekt Atol Institute / Osmo/za