Role: Music, sound design, voice over, web app audio development

rromok is a simulation game seen through the lens of an artificial intelligence.

Recent artificial intelligence research has been focusing on predicting future events such as the weather, finance, politics, crime and conflict on a global scale. This has created a universalised, planetary overview of our world, from a non-human, machine perspective.

The algorithms we use on a daily basis have the ability to analyse human behavior from large datasets to learn new things about us. The algorithm that runs Rromok learns from the different, and many times confusing, ways we discuss the future on social media.

Credits, collaborators and supports:

Concept and development:
Music and sound design: Tamas Marquetant, Andras Molnar, Marton Toth
Web App development: Tamas Pall (visuals), Tamas Marquetant (audio)
Commissioned by Victoria & Albert Museum London


Year: 2018

Past events and performances

rromok @Panke Gallery, Berlin, DE

rromok live gameplay and performance at E-Games – Die Kunst des ernsten Spiels, at PankeGallery Berlin

Panke Gallery, Berlin, DE

Jun 2018

Photos by: Mihaly Podobni