Role: Music, sound design and performance

RitesNetwork Live is a live groupshow performance consisting of multiple projections, installations, live gameplay and music performance from rromok, a simulation game created by the same production team. It is an artwork commissioned by Victoria & Albert Museum London.

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The viewers are invited to explore a dystopic urban environment and it’s possible futures through the eye of a mythical AI god while listening to speculative field recordings and future folk music.

The chaotic urban setting of Rites Network explores the city as a collection of events happening outside of time, creating sceneries with multiple outcomes and haunted by a variety of possible narratives. These narratives are being forecasted by an AI god. Coupled with the speculative folk sounds of it’s never occuring future the world of Rites Network simulates possible ways of overcoming the outdated, and painful now to reach a yet unknown tomorrow.

Credits, collaborators and supports:

Concept and development and performance: Rites Network
Music and sound design: Tamas Marquetant, Andras Molnar
Visuals: Tamas Pall, Jelena Viskovic
*Commissioned by Victoria & Albert Museum London


Year: 2017

Past events and performances

RitesNetwork Live @Art&Text, Budapest

RitesNetwork Live performance at Slime to Fill Blanks:Crosstalk9 Prequel @ART+TEXT Budapest

Art&Text, Budapest, HU

Nov 2017

Rites Network Live @NoizeFabrik Berlin

Rites Network Live performance at NoizeFabrik, Berlin

NoizeFabrik Berlin

Oct 2017