Role: Sound design, installation, AI

Fragile Ecologies creates an energetic space which reflects on the impact of continuous ecological flux on language and expression. The immersive transitory work explores semantic shifts and communication patterns between entities inhabiting an ever transforming surrounding. In which ways does the imminent technocratic noise obstruct and reduce potential to receive and transmit across species and cause singularity? Which new hybridity and transmutations arise in the dynamic between interfering atmospherics and coalescence?

Fragile Ecologies is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Vito Willems, Tamas Marquetant and Robin Koek. In a search of perceptual symbiosis of hybrid virtualities and tangible realities they construct multi-sensory spaces of experience with no clear boundaries. Their work investigates non-linear autonomous systems and its emergent behaviour fusing a vast experience of spatial sound, interface- and visual design.

Credits, collaborators and supports:

Concept and production: Vito Willems, Tamas Marquetant and Robin Koek
Robotics: Vito Willems
Sound design and installation: Tamas Marquetant and Robin Koek
AI development: Tamas Marquetant
Multichannel audio: Robin Koek

Photos by: Ian Giorgino for Catalyst Berlin


Year: 2020